About Federal Batteries

Federal Batteries is a specialist battery supplier that has built its' business on meeting the needs of a growing market requirement for premium and high end quality batteries in a wide range of domestic and commercial applications.

Capitalising on over 60 years of combined experience in the battery industry and strong alliances with many of the worlds leading manufacturers including

  • East-Penn Manufacturing (the world's largest privately owned battery manufacturer),
  • Johnston Controls (the world's largest battery manufacturer),
  • Optima Batteries (manufacturer of the original Spiral Cell technology),
  • Enersys (manufacturer of Odyssey 'The Extreme Battery'),
  • Varta (the leading european battery builder),
  • Amara Raja (state of the art battery manufacturer in India),
  • Remco (China's leading AGM builder),
  • US Battery (the USA made leader in wet deep cycle technology) and
  • Lifeline Batteries (the USA made leader in AGM deep cycle Technology)
About Federal Batteries

All the Best Brands with the finest technologies from the World's Leading Manufacturers.