AMARON Batteries




Amaron batteries have forged a strong name in Australia due to their incredible value and outstanding reliability on Australia’s rough unsealed roads and our tough climatic conditions.

Made in India to suit the harsh and demanding native environment, they feature a rugged design and patented technology which combine to deliver performance and convenience comparable to sealed technology at the price which is only a small premium over that of conventional flooded type alternatives.

Amaron Lasts Long, Really Long and provides the ultimate balance between cost and performance. Featuring a clean fl ush top design the Hi-Life range of starting batteries are designed for use in Automotive, 4WD and Marine applications including many Domestic, Japanese and Korean Vehicles.

Featuring high CCA ratings, very good amp hour capacities and impressive RC ratings, Hi-Life offer a clear performance edge over it’s competitors. Like the Hi-Life series above, the Amaron PRO feature outstanding performance and maximum service life thanks to advanced features including advanced electrolytic paste and patented Silver X plate technology, which also helps to combat corrosion and the need for periodic maintenance. The Pro series covers a selection of DIN case types to cater for the OEM replacement of many popular European makes and models.


Superior Service Life

• Amaron batteries offer excellent value for money due to signifi cantly increased service life and can be stored safely without detrimental loss of charge up to 6 months after charging, making Amaron perfect for everyday vehicles as well as those which see only seasonal use.

OEM Compatibility

• Like sister company Varta, also in the Johnson Controls group of companies, Amaron batteries are designed to meet the exacting standards demanded by the OEM and provide like for like replacement options particularly for vehicles imported from Asia and Europe.

Advanta Formula

• A unique reformulated Adavanta paste recipe delivers superior electrolytic performance and virtually eliminates water loss, promoting better performance and service life without need for maintenance.

Silver X Plate Technology

• SilverX is a silver alloy plate construction that ensures there is zero corrosion, this improves performance and extends service life.

Charge Eye Indicator

• Amaron’s Charge-eye colour indicator system provides convenient ‘at a glance’ status of the state of charge.

Identifiable Case Design

• Amaron is designed in an attractive, strong, polypropylene casing with breakaway lime green graphics to ensure maximum shelf visibility.