Conventional flooded batteries can be extremely intimidated by the power demands of today’s vehicles – falling short of delivering critical dependability and performance. That’s why more customers need the premium AGM power of the Intimidator line of batteries. The Intimidator line has been developed to deliver highly efficient energy storage and power delivery solutions for the evolution of battery needs. This advanced power offering is not only becoming more imperative for cars and trucks, but for commercial trucks, marine vessels, electric vehicles, power sports vehicles, portable power equipment, or other vehicles and applications that require optimized accessory, starting, and deep cycle power. With a complete line of Intimidator products, battery providers can be the one-stop source of innovative AGM power that better meets their customers’ present and future battery needs.



Today’s cars and trucks have more electronics than ever before. Intimidator automotive batteries are especially designed to handle anything from factory installed electronics to anything that plugs in or turns on and still deliver dependable starting power. With almost 2x the endurance* in severe service and 2x the cycle life*, these batteries are equipped for the toughest conditions and the most intense electrical power demands.

Exact Fit

Intimidator Exact Fit AGM batteries meet the strict EN standards of specific power ratings, cover designs, dimensional configurations, case hold-down requirements, and critical venting systems to ensure a precision fit in import and domestic applications. These batteries are a welcomed solution to matching hard-to-fit import specifications with a premium, exact fit AGM battery.

Tuner Cars

Intimidator batteries are ideal for performance vehicles, high-amp stereo systems, hydraulic lift kits, or other high-powered vehicle accessories. 20x the vibration resistance* protects against hard-hitting bass or the roughest off-road adventures. A spillproof and leakproof design makes these batteries safer to use around expensive electronics or equipment. *Compared to conventional designs.



From starting performance to a boatload of trolling and accessory power, Intimidator marine/RV batteries won’t have any trouble in meeting marine or RV needs. A spillproof, maintenance-free design brings essential convenience and safety to the boating and RV enthusiast. 20x the vibration resistance* and an Enhanced Electrolyte Suspension System withstand wave-pounding vibration or the worst road conditions. Extra protection against deep discharge damage and 2x the cycle life* enables long days of trolling with enough power to safely start the engine.


Today’s heavy-duty trucks depend on batteries to provide power for electronics, tailgates, extra lights, heating and cooling systems as well as start the engine. Starting batteries alone aren’t designed to withstand the continuous discharge that new auxiliary equipment demands, often when the engine is not running. The Intimidator’s faster recharging and 2x more cycle life* can accommodate multiple accessory loads without shortening the battery’s performance and life. Features like 20x more vibration resistant*, an Enhanced Electrolyte Suspension System, and a leakproof design are critical for commercial vehicles that frequently undergo intense wear and daily abuse.

Marine/Golf Car/EV

This Intimidator 6-Volt Deep Cycle battery provides and ideal solution for heavy marine house power, renewable energy powered equipment, portable power needs, golf cars and other types of electric vehicles. Spillproof and maintenance-free AGM technology eliminates watering and unnecessary maintenance. Intimidator batteries spend less time on the charger and more time in service by actually recharging faster than conventional batteries. A high deep discharge abuse tolerance provides added resiliency for dependable deep cycle service.


Increased Accessory Power Demands

With the influx of electronic gadgets installed or plugged into today’s vehicles, excessive accessory power drains occur more frequently than ever before.

Faster recharging and 2x more cycle life* helps prevent the increasing chance of a no-start situation by providing more accessory power and longer cycle life service.

Severe Service with Higher Temperatures

Severe service and higher temperature conditions continue to escalate due to less open space under the hood and more demand on the battery. More vehicles also undergo stop-and-start driving conditions further increasing severe service use.

With almost 2x the endurance* in severe service, the Intimidator withstands severe service and accessory power demands under elevated temperatures. This safeguards performance and extends battery life.

Infrequent Use, Parasitic Loads, or Accidental Power Drains

Vehicles that aren’t used everyday have a higher risk of not starting because of parasitic accessory power loads. Parasitic loads, or even leaving something on when the ignition is off, can completely drain the battery’s power.

A very low self-discharge rate and a high deep discharge abuse tolerance helps protect the battery longer from situations like infrequent use, parasitic power drains, or other deep power discharge.

Form, Fit, and Function

Today’s automotive manufacturers are increasing their standards for replacement batteries. AGM batteries must comply with strict AGM original equipment requirements.

The Intimidator is a pioneer brand in the development of the Form, Fit, and Function of AGM battery technology. The engineering design and manufacturing process meets major US and European OE automotive manufacturers’ standards. The AGM design and process has been tested and proven to best meet the Form, Fit, and Function criteria of the automotive industry.

The Damaging Effects of Vibration

Today’s vehicles are used more frequently and harder than ever before. Vibration resistance is extremely important in this type of relentless use.

Up to 20x more vibration resistance* is extremely beneficial for bumpy roads, unexpected hazards, or snow-covered travel. It is especially ideal for off-road vehicles, watercraft, performance cars, tuner cars, or other vehicles that undergo intense vibration.


Individual Tank Formed Plates

• Maintains consistent Performance.

Highly Porous Separators & Absorbed Electrolyte

• Lowers Internal Resistance & Increases Power and Eliminates Acids, Spills & Corrosion

Tightly Packed Plates & Separators

• Provides greater resistance to shock & vibration.

Computer Cast power path grids

• Assures Optimum Performance.

Special Safety Relief valve system

• Controls critical internal gas pressure, keeping outside air out & preventing capacity loss from excess gas seepage.

Lower internal resistance

• Ensures fast starts and fast recharge times.

Sealed Construction

• Eliminates need to check water levels ever again. Allows battery to perform even under water.

Made in USA with over 250 quality control checks

• Assurance of quality performance and life.

Advanced Dual Purpose AGM Technology

• Assuring Great Starting Power plus Plenty of Reserve Capacity.

Tight Packed Plates with reinforced grids

• Enhances resistance to offroad wear and tear and high amp loads.

Electrolyte absorbed in Micro-porous glass matt Separator

• Eliminates acid spills & corrosion. Lowers resistance and increases power.

Computer-cast power path grids

• Assuring optimum performance and quality.

Polypropylene Case

• Enhancing vibration and impact resistance and facilitating under bonnet fitment unlike ABS resin case products.

Specially engineered safety release valves

• Controls critical internal gas pressures maintaining battery integrity & performance for longer.