LIFELINE Batteries




Designed and built to rigorous US military standards, Lifeline is a superior AGM battery in every measure: Safety, Reliability, Service Life and above all - Performance. Manufactured without compromise, Lifeline batteries are aimed at the premium end of the Marine, Caravan and Motorhome markets. Ultra low internal resistance is a defining feature of the Lifeline range which combines with industry leading charge efficiency to provide dramatically shorter recharge time. Current on recharge is also unlimited, provided the voltage is regulated. With a long lifespan of up to 5000 cycles and true CCA starting ratings Lifeline batteries are suitable for all starting, deep cycle and dual purpose applications.

A further major advantage of the Lifeline battery is its unparalleled vibration resistance, and it is the only off-the-shelf battery that passes the stringent vibration requirements of the US Coast Guard and Navy. Lifeline batteries are also the safest readily available in Australia with regards to explosion potential under severe overcharge. These features and attributes combine to provide the safest, longest lasting, fastest recharging and most vibration resistant battery on the market today.


• Complete hand assembly process – from the first stages of grid casting to the final forming of the batteries, the materials are handled at each phase and carefully inspected to insure flawless operation.

• Lifeline use the highest quality metals, glass matting, separators, epoxies and patented case construction.

• Redundancy of quality control inspections at every stage of construction. Through the entire manufacturing process all quality control data is collected and stored in an extensive electronic library and available for reference if needed.


• As a pioneer of the highest quality AGM battery technology Lifeline (Concord) have more than 40 years experience with a proven successful battery line. American family-owned and operated battery company that has been manufacturing and testing batteries since 1972.

• Extensive testing and development in two core markets, Marine and RV, has achieved operational life expectancies between 5 and 8 years.

• More importantly than testing higher in an individual rating, Lifeline Batteries have been constructed to provide the optimal performance of what is required in every Marine and RV application.


• Lifeline’s extensive history of developing a premium AGM battery and proven success rate as determined through proper testing, has culminated into a product that is leading the industry in a number of areas.

• Lifeline batteries have an extremely low internal resistance that allows them to accept current, much more efficiently than flooded lead-acid, gelled and other AGM batteries.

• During normal charging conditions there is no dangerous gassing and no hands-on maintenance required. Lifeline batteries are a leader in the industry and provide roughly 1000 life-cycles discharged to the recommended 50%, which is 2 to 3 times more than many industry averages.


• More than 150 original equipment manufacturers around the globe trust the quality assurance provided by the Lifeline AGM battery line. Like the list of manufacturers employing Lifeline & Corcord batteries as original equipment, Lifeline has built a it’s name by simply delivering the highest quality and most capable battery available.


Sealed pressure relief safety valves

Operates in any orientation without leaking. Maintenance free never requires additions

Lifting handles

Easier handling carrying and installation

Copper alloy terminals

Provides low resistance electrical connection (copper to copper non-corrosive). Increased environmental protection and personal safety - no exposed lead

Cover to container seal

Strong epoxied tongue and groove cover container seal will not separate under even extreme temperature and pressure changes or vibration.

Intercell connections

Massive over-the-petition weld increases the weld strength and provides low resistance connection path.

Thick plates and high density oxide paste materials

Insures long life and excellent cycling capability

Absorb glass matt separator

Custom designed and manufactured to provide superior wicking characteristics for electrolyte retention

Polyethylene envelope

Eliminates internal shorts caused by shock vibration and dendrite growth

Reinforced copolymer polypropylene container and cover

High impact resistance and resists bulging even under severe overcharge and temperature