REMCO Batteries




Remco’s modern manufacturing plant covers the entire process from Lead Mill Oxide, Grid Casting, Pasting, Curing, Formation, and Drying right through to assembly, Charging and Final Testing. This allows superior control over material quality and manufacturing standards and delivers superior quality output. The Remco Standby series delivers consistent quality and presentation and, depending on the application, have a very generous design life of up to 12 years.

The Standby range are specially designed for all Standby Battery Backup Power Supply and Emergency Starting situations in UPS, Alarm and Standby Generator Starting applications.

All Remco General Purpose Batteries come standard in UL94-HB rated ABS Resin Cases. All are also available with forward orders in Flame Retardant ABS UL94-VO rated case. Please see the separate page on Remco FR Series to see the range of FR Case batteries carried ex stock. Remco General Purpose Batteries are now available in a far wider case and capacity range to allow the fitment of quality Remco Batteries into virtually all aftermarket replacement situations.


Remco’s Dual Purpose series perfectly fulfils all the requirements demanded in Standby applications but with the added ability to handle all the Deep Cycle demands typical of most recreational power situations in Caravans, Motorhomes and Marine applications.

Remco’s Dual Purpose series perfectly fulfil all the requirements demanded in Standby applications, but with the added ability to handle all the Deep Cycle demands typical of most recreational power situations.


The Deep Cycle range offers better, deeper discharge recovery thanks to the use of thicker heavier plates and lower internal resistance. Unlike other SLAs, the Deep Cycle range are purpose built to handle the demanding requirements of repeated deep cycle use. Perfect for Recreational, Mobility, Communications, Marine & RV applications the Remco Deep Cycle range are the perfect cost effective AGM solution for in-house power applications such as Caravans and Motorhomes and children’s ride on toys.

An extension to the Deep Cycle range above, the Remco Deep Cycle Mobility range has evolved to cater for the expanding mobility sector. 3 case options are available which cover the majority of personal mobility devices and offer a quality solution able to cope with the heavy cyclic demands in this segment at the best possible price.


Increasingly in recent years original small and large telecommunications battery backup systems have been using a new series of new case size batteries with front terminal configurations designed to make battery systems fi t in limited spaces and often in specially designed racking systems. Remco has been at the forefront of this development and Federal now offers a wide range of these batteries as ex stock lines to ensure your customer will always be quickly satisfied.


Remco FR Series batteries have the same internal design features as the General Purpose/Standby Series, but with the added safety in service of a case conforming to the higher Fire Rating Standard UL94-VO. They are for all applications however are especially suited to certain applications and fitments which require or would benefit from a battery conforming to the higher Flame Retardant standards. Federal are now stocking selected fast moving sizes in the Remco FR series making it even easier to provide your customer with the right battery for their needs.


Thick Plate Construction

• Unlike most other ABS cased SLAs, Remco Deep Cycle batteries are engineered specifically for the deep discharge requirements native to Deep Cycle applications and feature thick plate construction which can stand up to the abuse which would destroy lesser Standby type batteries in only a handful of cycles.

Gas Recombination System

• The gasses generated in the normal charge/discharge use of the rechargeable battery are internally recombined during normal operating parameters. In fact, in normal operational use, more than 99% of the gases generated are recombined.

Design Flexibility

• Remco Batteries can be installed and used in any position. Remco batteries can be used in series and/or parallel to obtain a choice of voltage and capacity.

Battery Life – Cycle Service

• Remco Deep Cycle batteries are capable of providing more than 1000 charge/discharge cycles in particular applications. The specific number of cycles achieved will depend on the depth of discharge.

Low Self Discharge & Shelf Life

• Because of the use of lead calcium grids, Remco batteries can be stored for long periods of time without recharge and have less than 3% self-discharge per month at room temperature 25˚C.

Tough Construction

• Remco batteries utilise tough, high impact resistant and non-conductive ABS plastic for cases and lids. These case materials impart great resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals.

Compact Design

• Remco batteries utilise the best possible raw materials and strictly controlled plate-making production process to build a high energy density battery.

No Transport Restriction

• Due to the type of construction, All Remco batteries can be shipped by sea, road or air without special handling and packaging precautions. Remco batteries are classified as non-hazardous commodity.