VARTA Batteries




VARTA batteries are designed to deliver power and reliability. Advanced PowerFrame® grid technology also ensures superior starting performance, fast recharging and longer life. No wonder the majority of leading car manufacturers trust VARTA. And with unrivalled experience, service and support to count on, so can you.

No other battery is constructed quite like VARTA. Our patented PowerFrame® stamped grid technology is far more robust than both conventional moulded and expanded metal grids. This unique grid is designed for the perfect current flow and ensures low resistance and optimum conductivity. Which means every VARTA battery recharges quickly, has extremely high starting power and exceptional corrosion resistance. In short, it’s built for exceptional performance throughout its long life.


VARTA Promotive batteries are built to power fleets and reduce Total Cost of Ownership. Advanced PowerFrame® and Labyrinth lid technologies, plus durable design, deliver reliability, zero maintenance, and longer life. Which means less downtime.

Varta Pro Motive batteries ensure excellent performance everyday avoiding costly downtime when it matters - be it your boat, truck, bus, tractor or delivery van. Designed to deliver more starting power when needed and excellent reserve power for your onboard equipment. Advanced Silver Calcium grids, labyrinth lid construction, in selected sizes SHD technology all combine to give you batteries that just last and last.


The technology in the world’s most advanced cars. Who started it?

VARTA Start-Stop batteries are built to power next-generation automotive systems. No wonder the majority of leading car manufacturers trust us. And with a specifically designed product range, plus unrivalled service and support from the VARTA Start-Stop Service Program, so can you.

This market-leading product is designed especially for high-performance, premium Start-Stop vehicles with regenerative braking and other fuel-saving technologies. with this battery fitted, they’ll perform at their peak, time and time again. That’s because for optimal performance of these advanced vehicle systems, it’s essential to have the right battery technology. which is why VARTA partners with leading manufacturers to develop innovative solutions for Start-Stop vehicles.

Today, VARTA is the market leader supplying virtually all leading manufacturers with AGM Technology batteries for their original equipment.


VARTA Professional batteries are designed to power everything you need to feel at home, from fridge freezers to entertainment systems. And whenever you’re away you can relax, safe in the knowledge that our Professional batteries with advanced AGM technology will deliver energy you can rely on year after year, wherever your adventures take you.


Advanced Silver Calcium Construction

• True Maintenance Free Operation with lots of starting power.

Labyrinth technology and integral flame arrestors

• Extremely Safe in service operation.

New Acid Reserve Design

• Increases acid carrying capacity reducing risk of corrosion to exposed lead connectors whilst in service.

Thicker Electrodes / Plates

• Improves Cyclic Stability

Structurally strong

• Built for strength, PowerFrame patented grid technology is up to 66% more durable and more corrosion resistant than other grid designs.

Patterned for power

• The PowerFrame grid design provides superior cranking power with up to 70% better electrical flow than other grid technologies.

Clean construction

• PowerFrame manufacturing uses 20% less energy and produces 20% fewer greenhouse gases than other manufacturing methods.