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Deka Batteries from EAST PENN manufacturing Co.

Deka is a leading provider of high-end batteries for marine (deep cycle & dual purpose), RV, 4x4 auxiliary, and other power sports applications. 

Deka Batteries are made in the USA, maintenance free, built for extreme applications, and known for their reliability and versatlity.

Deka Intimidator 

The ideal solution for starting and deep cycle power requirements of marine, caravan and camping equipment. The INTIMIDATOR AGM Series is perfect for those seeking a dual purpose battery that provides high cranking power and dependable constant power for electronic accessories. Spill-proof AGM technology enables flexible installation and safe handling around electronics. 

  • Slower discharge rates and quick charging
  • 2x the cycle life* extends life and performance
  • 20x vibration protection* against wave-pounding and off-road bumps*

Deka Dominator

The superior solution for high power cycling demands. The DOMINATOR GEL Series provides the deepest of deep cycle service for marine and large RV requirements.

The spill-proof gelled construction protects the battery from ultra-deep discharges providing the trolling and heavy power requirements to handle the most serious boating and fishing needs. 

  • Longest deep cycle life
  • 2x Longer operating/trolling time
  • Maximum protection against deep cycle damage and vibration*

*Compared to conventional batteries


Federal Batteries stocks a wide range of Deka Batteries, call us on 1300 133 980 for further information.

Deka Batteries