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Which RV Battery Is Right for You?

Not all RV batteries are built the same, and one of the worst mistakes you can make as a buyer is to automatically assume your new RV battery will last for years without having to replace it.  Another reason is that there are many different RV battery types that may or may not be best for your eq

Post date: August 26, 2020
Stage 4 Restrictions Update; We Remain Here to Support You

As a distributor, we want to assure you that Federal Batteries will remain available to serve you and essential service providers. Our Melbourne Distribution Centre will remain open for deliveries whilst operating under Level 4 restriction requirements with a COVID Safe Plan in place. 

Post date: August 5, 2020
Charging an Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Battery

These are all-important factors to consider when maintaining an absorbent glass-mat (AGM) battery.

Post date: July 25, 2020
Battery Myths and the Real Truth

We are often asked questions by our customers and batteries have evolved which leads to thoughts which were once true to now be myths. Saying that, I thought it would be a good idea to share a list of traditional battery myths followed by the truth.

Post date: July 22, 2020

The old adage of you get what you pay for has never been truer in the low-cost AGM battery market.

With so many product offerings in the marketplace, especially online, consumers can and do fall for some amazing claims as to battery performance.

Post date: July 8, 2020
Start-Stop Technology and the Future of Eco Driving

With start-stop batteries in 1 in 6 cars you see on our Australian roads, we sat down with our resident Battery Expert, Anthony, to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding eco driving and start-stop technology.

Post date: June 9, 2020

Whether you need a battery for your car, boat, golf cart, floor scrubber, scissor lift, emergency lighting or wheelchair, Federal Batteries has you covered.

Post date: May 21, 2020
What is Depth of Discharge and why is it so important?

A battery’s depth of discharge (DoD) indicates the percentage of the battery that has been discharged relative to the overall capacity of the battery. Depth of Discharge is defined as the capacity that is discharged from a fully charged battery, divided by battery nominal capacity.

Post date: May 19, 2020
Battery Charging Do’s and Dont’s

IMPORTANT – Ensure the correct PPE is used whenever handling, using or charging Lead Acid Batteries. Staff that perform battery charging or testing MUST have completed the charging and safety training and have undertaken the competency test.

Post date: May 5, 2020
What is a maintenance free battery?

Maintenance Free’ is an unfortunate label for an automotive lead acid battery as all batteries require some maintenance (keeping the battery top clean, keeping attached cables tight and clean, keeping the battery charged or re-charged as soon as possible following a significant discharge etc.

Post date: April 2, 2020
Types of Lead Acid Batteries

There are many variations of lead acid batteries. Let’s clear up some of the confusion surrounding the main type and what their typical applications are.

Post date: March 1, 2020