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Not all RV batteries are built the same, and one of the worst mistakes you can make as a buyer is to automatically assume your new RV battery will last for years without having to replace it.  Another reason is that there are many different RV battery types that may or may not be best for your equipment. For example, 12v batteries work best for motorhomes and travel trailers, while 6v batteries will usually work okay with smaller RV equipment. There are also batteries meant to power the electrical systems in your RV or camper.

The 3 most common RV battery types are:

1. Conventional flooded electrolyte batteries

Conventional flooded electrolyte (CVE) batteries are the most common battery types that will come with new RV’s. These batteries are offered in many different shapes and sizes because of their widespread use. They will require occasional maintenance by using water to replenish lost electrolytes. Conventional flooded electrolyte batteries will usually require more work than other battery types, but they hold a very high charge rate and will likely offer you the lowest upfront cost.

2. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) batteries

Absorbed Glass Matte (AGM) batteries are a great innovation in RV batteries where they can perform two purposes – as a deep cycle battery and as a starting battery. They work by using fiberglass as a separator to hold electrolytes in place. AGM batteries are very impact-resistant and have the least internal resistance due to their tight packaging and great at handling vibrations. This internal resistance decreases charging time and increases output voltage as power flow through the battery. AGM batteries also boast having no corrosion or acid leaks, and they are arguably the easiest batteries to plug in and install and require minimal maintenance. AGM batteries also boasts of a high reserve capacity. There are models designed to be used efficiently when handling solar energy storage applications making this is a great choice for off-grid applications. AGM batteries if maintained well will outlast 3 CVE batteries making them an optimal choice for you RV.

 3. Gel batteries

Gel batteries are a valve-regulated RV battery type that becomes a gel substance when electrolytes are mixed with sulphuric acid and silica. This gel substance allows the battery to function and use the electrolytes exactly like a traditional lead-acid battery, with one of the main differences being the silica added to the electrolyte to create a gel mixture. Gel batteries are very easy to install and maintain, and they require very little maintenance because they are composed of gel instead of liquid.

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