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Noco Genius
Multi-Purpose, next generation battery chargers and maintainers

  • Stabilises internal battery chemistry for increased performance and longevity.
  • Advanced diagnostics automatically tests and detects a bad, damaged, or shorted battery.
  • Ultra-compact, portable, energy-efficient design that’s impact, UV and water-resistant (IP60)
  • Includes spark-proof technology and reverse polarity protection.
  • Dynamically changes charge current when a load is placed on the battery.
  • Minimises energy consumption when full power is not needed.

12V Battery Charger Accessories with NOCO Connect

  • Rugged, water-resistant plug-n-play  connections for maximum performance. 
  • Compatible with cigarette lighter, 12V auxiliary ports, direct connect or more.
  • Heavy duty design.
  • Made from a high conductivity 16AWG 100% copper wire encased in flexible insulation, built for maximum current flow.
  • Built with moulded strain relief’s and durable, high performance insulated wire for flexibility in cold weather.

Battery Charger Accessories

  • Permanently mount eyelet connectors on multiple vehicles to make hard-to-access batteries easy to charge.
  • Charge through the 12V auxiliary or OBDII port from inside a vehicle, or simply extend the reach of your accessories.